Tracie Strucker, PhD LCMFT

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Please give me a call to discuss my fee.  Fees vary depending on the amount of time we meet, such as 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. 

Family therapy is usually a 60 minute session.

We will discuss what your needs and goals are for the meeting(s) and the rate prior to scheduling a session.


Out of network benefits may be available through your insurance carrier if you choose to use them. I will provide you with a "superbill" that has all of the information needed to process a claim.  You may also use this as documentation for any tax benefits/deductions you may receive.  Please consult your tax preparer for more information.

Many people choose to not access their insurance benefit for mental health services.  When your information is processed by your insurance carrier, many people gain access to your private information.  If you choose to use your insurance benefit, it may be helpful to contact your carrier to discuss with them their privacy policies and who has access to your information such as the diagnosis code, treatment plan, etc.  Also important, is to know if the insurance carrier shares your health information with other secondary carriers, claims processors, etc. who would then possess your information as well.  While this may not be significant, it is important to know where your private health information is and how it is used.

Please check with your insurance carrier to find out if you have out of network (OON) benefits.  Each plan is different, even within the same carrier, so a call to understand your specific benefits will help you make a decision if this arrangement will work.  If your budget only allows for the co-pay amount as an out of pocket expense, then it would probably serve you best to call the number on your insurance card to receive referrals for in-network providers.  A provider who is contracted with the insurance company will only collect the copay amount and will bill the insurance company directly to collect the rest of her fee.