Tracie Strucker, PhD, LCMFT

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Do you feel like your relationship with food and your body takes up way too much of your emotional and mental energy?

If you have tried diets, going to the gym, personal trainers, fitness classes, bariatric surgery—the list can go on and on—and you still focus on food, are uncomfortable with your body, and endlessly criticize yourself, then you are experiencing emotional torture.

It is time for a change.

You can stop the food fight.

If you find yourself waiting for a better diet or exercise plan…

If you wake in the morning feeling like you can keep it together and then something stressful happens and it all falls apart…

If you feel like you are alone and it is hard to stay motivated to change…

I can help you to specifically identify the emotions behind problem eating and stop it in its tracks. family at farmers market.png

You can learn how to become a Conscious Eater and leave problem eating behaviors in the past.

When uncomfortable feelings are turned inward, you may feel like there is “something wrong with you.”  Emotional eating is your attempt to soothe yourself, lift your spirits, or just get some relief. You need a break and shutting out the world, the thoughts, and the feelings is a temporary fix.

Emotional eating may help for a short while, but the pain will return, often sweeping you up in a tidal wave of emotion, confusion, and despair.

The result is even more of a focus on food and more body hate and shame.

Fortunately, there is an antidote.

You can experience freedom and learn how to become a Conscious Eater and I will show you how.

We will work to change the old patterns or habits that hold you back and create new habits that you feel good about, want to use and that move you forward in your life.

My success rate for helping, mostly women, has consistently averaged 80-90 percent reduction in problem eating behaviors in the first three months of treatment! While I cannot guarantee that you will experience the same results, what I can do is teach you the process of becoming a Conscious Eater. young woman enjoying snack (1).png

You can feel better very soon.

You are not in this alone. I will guide you in the process to:

*end chronic dieting *end the binge-restrict cycle *create new non-food solutions for anxious/sad/bored/entertainment eating *rediscover a healthy relationship with your body *improve communication skills—your own internal self-talk as well as communication with others

Regardless of what is happening in your life, and your relationship with food, there is a solution.

You can be free from emotional eating!

You can have positive, kind, loving, and most of all, fulfilling relationships with yourself, your body, and others.

You can be happy and healthy.

Contact me today and become a Conscious Eater