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Eating Disorder Therapy & Consultation

Resources and information you may find helpful in healing emotional eating and eating disorders. is my other website where I blog about Conscious Eating. You'll find many resources to download and articles about Conscious Eating.

Here are links to some articles:

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FinerMinds is a personal development website that offers a variety of articles on topics related to growth and development.

Here is a link to my recent article: 5 Easy Tool to Clear Blocked Motivation in 5 Minutes

Psych Central is a news and views site with volumes of information on psychological and relationship issues as well as specific diagnoses. Here is a link to my recent article: 3 Keys to Becoming a Conscious Eater

Psych Central Professional is focused on content for professionals in mental health, including opinion and info on the industry as well as treatment info.  Here are a links to my recent articles:

How to Resist Body Shaming in the Therapy Office

Mind, Body, Heart, and Trust: Moving Beyond Body Objectification

How to End Body Judgments and Help Clients

The Fast Track to Motivating an Emotional Eater

Binge Eating Disorder Association provides information for the public and professionals about Binge Eating Disorder, treatment and advocacy.  Lots of really great info!

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly American Dietetic Assoc.) The association for registered/licensed dietician/nutritionist. Reliable food information based in solid research.

National Eating Disorders Association Information and advocacy for caregivers, patients and professionals on all eating disorders.