Tracie Strucker, PhD LCMFT

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Consultation for Health and Wellness Professionals

General Practice Consultation

Does your practice need jolt of energy, focus or revitalization?

Are you just starting out and want to grow with purpose?

Do you need to refine your ideas for new workshops, group or your book?

Maybe you need help with copywriting and website design?

In my 25+ years of practice in the area of healthcare and wellness the industry has shifted from old fashioned tape answering machines and roared into the 21st century with more technology than we could have dreamed. consultation welcome.png

With these rapid changes, we also see changing expectations about how, when, how much, and what type of communication methods fit into a conscientious, ethical, person to person approach to building rapport with clients and as well as among colleagues.

The effect on practice is profound and challenging and yet there are so many wonderful opportunities to help those who seek us out for care.

Helping other professionals grow their practice, especially in how to communicate via digital communication is an area I can help you navigate.

A website that reflects your perspective that clearly communicates your values and beliefs is essential. The public wants to get to know a bit about you before they take the next step and call or email.

This is a great benefit all around!

The client can make an informed choice saving time, money and personal investment in a relationship that may not be a great fit. You get to work with the people you are best at helping by communicating these details at the start. It’s a win-win.

Whether you need help with shaping your website to reflect who you are, defining your practice goals, clarifying who you best serve or how you convey who you are through your writing we can work together to make it happen.

I am happy to work with you on a full plan for your practice, a one-time strategy session or working on your website copy and/or design.

Conscious Eating Consultation

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Send me a message and let’s talk about what you need and if I can help you get it.